During 2017, the Brics Business Council Skills Development Working Group held the first Brics Skills Competition. With competitors and observers from Russia, India, China and South Africa, the 2017 competition focused on manufacturing related skills, including, welding, youth maker, machinery and electricity skills, 3D printing and intelligent manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing challenge.  
A 2018 Chair the South African Skills Development Working Group (SDWG) has agreed to host the second Brics Skills Competition in September 2018. 

The competition is held using a similar format to World Skills Format, where competitors are given specific tasks and deadlines in which to complete them. Competitors are judged by panels of experts from participating countries. 

As South Africa participates in World Skills under the guidance of the Department of Higher Education, the working group has decided to focus on “Future” skills, such as 3D printing and intelligent Manufacturing (as was done in China). The South African SDWG would like to include additional skills in the competition, and are, therefore, running competitions in the following areas, digital cyber security, internet of things, manufacturing and engineering, poly mechanics and automation, industrial robotics, welding, 3D printing, aircraft maintenance and many others.   

Brics countries have agreed their participation in the various skills areas and each country will be offered 3 places per skills area. South African Competitors will be selected using a pre-assessment process to give SA the best possible chance of exceling in the competition. 

Brics will also host a Skills Expo alongside the competition, again with a focus on future skills where students can find out more about some of the jobs of the future