Smog will continue to affect parts of northern China from Monday to Wednesday, the national observatory forecast Monday.

Moderate to heavy smog will sweep central and southern parts of northern China as well as parts of Huaihe river basin in the period, said the National Meteorological Center. Some areas may suffer severe smog.

Meanwhile, parts of Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Sichuan and northeast China will see mild to moderate snow, with parts of Xinjiang blanketed by heavy snow.

From Tuesday evening to Wednesday morning, regions along the Yellow, Yangtze and Huaihe rivers and in Sichuan will see heavy fog, with visibility in some parts less than 200 meters.

The average density of PM2.5 in Beijing was 58 micrograms per cubic meter last year, meeting the target and 20.5 percent less than in 2016, according to Beijing environmental protection monitoring center.