Chinese spokesman says no idea why US feels ‘so insecure’

File picture: IOL

A Chinese spokesman says Beijing has no idea why the U.S. feels “so insecure,” responding to an American government report singling out China as among the countries posing the greatest cyber threats to it.

Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Wednesday that Washington should abandon what he called a “zero-sum mindset” and work with China and Russia to safeguard global peace and stability.

The U.S. report also listed Russia, Iran and North Korea as posing major cyber threats. National Intelligence Director Dan Coats said Tuesday that the U.S. must craft responses to minimize attacks.

Geng said the U.S. remains the top major power in the world, with unparalleled military strength.

U.S. officials have accused China of operating a sweeping hacking operation targeting the American military, defense contractors and other targets.

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