To promote BRICS skills development and technology exchanges and improve cooperation of professional development, the BRICS Business Council Skills Development Working Group resolved to hold BRICS skills competitions

The First BRICS Competition will be conducted under the Chairmanship of China in 2017, with the following categories being included in competitions running from June – August:

  • IIW·CWS·Arc Cup 2017 International Welding Competition (June)
  • BRICS Youth Maker Competition,
  • Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge (CIMC),
  • 3D Printing and Intelligent Manufacturing Competition,
  • Machinery and Electricity Skills Competition

IIW·CWS·Arc Cup 2017 International Welding Competition, the opening event of BRICS Competition was held successfully from June 24 to June 30, 2017 in Shanghai. Over 300 professionals in welding technology, of 73 Participating teams, from 4 BRICS Countries (Russia, India, China and South Africa) and 8 other Countries (Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Mongolia, Ukraine, Vietnam, Cameroon, Nigeria and Spain) attended the 2017 Arc Cup Competition.

Brics countries sent competitors as follows:

  • China – 253
  • Russia – 50
  • India – 5
  • South Africa – 4

The other four competition projects of BRICS Competition will be held from August 18th to 30th with South Africa sending a number of experts and observers to participate and learn.

Differing from WorldSkills Competition, BRICS Skills Competitions will have its own characteristics. BRICS Skills Competition is open and flexible, which means other countries beyond BRICS can also join in the competition to do skills exchange and share best practice. Additionally, BRICS Skills Competition will attach importance both to skills development and technology innovation, especially with regards to skills of the future.

IIW·CWS·Arc Cup 2017 International Welding Competition
South Africa participated via the South African International Welding Association (SAIW).
The South African welding team was sponsored by the Merseta with the team consisting of 4 members, Etienne Nell as team leader and Senior Category Judge, together with Valencia Hendriks as the Coach and Junior Judge. Our competitors were Houston Isaacs participating in the Senior Division and Samukelo Mbambani participating in the Junior Division.

Team South Africa entered in the Senior Divisions for a Single process MMA (111) and the Finished Welding Product requiring all 4 processes. We also entered our Junior competitor for participation on Single process GMAW (135) and the Finished Welding Product.

In total 16 countries participated in this event with Russia entering 36 Competitors in all categories, competition was tight throughout the competition but amidst this, our Junior Competitor Samukelo achieved first prize (Gold) in the Finished Product Welding Competition.