Brazilian President Michel Temer will leave Friday for an Asian tour, which will take him to India to participate in the 8th BRICS Summit, and then to Japan, to seek to attract investment.According to Temer’s spokesperson, Alexandre Parola, in a statement by state news agency Agencia Brasil on Thursday, this trip will be an opportunity for the government to show “a new Brazil” of “investment opportunities, stability and fiscal responsibility.”

Temer’s first stop will be in Goa, India, for the BRICS Summit, where he will formalize four new cooperation mechanisms with the other member countries (China, India, Russia and South Africa).Temer will arrive in Goa on Oct. 15 and enjoy a formal dinner with the leaders. On Oct. 16, the five heads of state will meet together before holding a BRICS business meeting, followed by a signature ceremony and a meeting with Bay of Bengal countries (BIMSTEC).
Temer will also hold a private meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which Parola said would help to relaunch the two countries’ bilateral strategic partnership.

“India is reaching high levels of economic growth. At a time when Brazil is seeking to return to the paths of sustainable development and job creation, India is a natural partner to which we turn with renewed emphasis,” he explained.The new mechanisms will include an agricultural research platform to share technological advances. A deal between customs authorities will seek to finalize technical aspects in order to make trade easier between members.
An environmental cooperation commitment will see the five nations aim to work together on air quality, water management and climate change. Finally, the countries’ diplomatic corps will seek to work in closer cooperation.

In recent years, the BRICS have made important steps forward, with the creation of the New Development Bank, which will seek to finance infrastructure projects in developing countries.Temer will then be in Japan on Oct. 17-18, the first visit by a Brazilian president to that country in 11 years. He will meet with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before meeting with business leaders to present “Brazil’s new economic reality and the opportunities opened up by the Investment Partnership Plan.” Enditem